Before you purge: Tips for getting rid of items for your move

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Do you feel stressed and weighted down by your belongings? The reality of how much stuff you own will especially come at you full force when you are about to move. Before you start packing, you will need to get rid of items you don’t really need. We know this is easier said than done so here are some tips to help you purge before your move.

Think about it positively
Getting rid of your belongings is a big chore (and you’ve already got enough on your plate with the move!). But, instead of looking at it negatively, think of it as a positive experience. Moving is a great excuse to finally get rid of all that clutter you’ve been accumulating and start your life fresh in the new home.

Give yourself more time than you think it will take
Sorting through all of your belongings and deciding what to keep can take a lot longer than you anticipate. Don’t try to rush the process. Otherwise you might get overwhelmed by emotions and end up making decisions you regret. Tackle it one room at a time and start the process weeks in advance.

Sort items into piles
Put all of the items you want to get rid of into piles for “Trash”, “Donate” and “Sell.” This will help you stay organized so you don’t accidentally trash something of value.

Make a “decide later” pile
Not sure if you should keep an item? You don’t have to decide right away. Make a “decide later” pile for those items you aren’t sure about. Once you are done with sorting and purging, you will be in a better position to make up your mind.

List items for sale 1 month in advance
If you are going to sell items that you don’t want, you will need to do it well before moving day. Give yourself at least one month. Likewise you should hold any garage sales at least 1 month before moving.

Research charities which accept donations
Don’t just trash your items. You might not need them anymore, but your old sweaters and books could be very valuable to someone in need. Research local charities in your area. Some of these will even come pickup donations so you don’t have to haul them yourself. Ask if you can get a tax deduction for your donation too! Every little bit helps.

Getting rid of clothes
If you haven’t worn it in over 1 year, or it doesn’t fit anymore, than get rid of it! Don’t lug it around with you as a reminder that you’ve got to lose 10 pounds. When you do lose weight you can always treat yourself to a new wardrobe.