5 reasons you should move to be closer to work

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About 1.7 million Americans commute more than 90 minutes to work each way and about 2.2 million workers commute 50 miles or more to work. Rather than deal with these nightmarish commutes consider these 5 reasons to move closer to work.

It could save your marriage
A research team at Umeå University in Sweden came across some findings which will be alarming to married couples: married people in whom one partner must travel more than 45 minutes to work are more likely to get divorced! If you’ve ever come home from a long commute cranky and gotten in a fight with your spouse then you know just what a toll the commute can take on your relationship!

You will save money
On average commuters spend about $818 annually just on fuel to get to work. That doesn’t include all of the costs which go into buying a car maintaining it paying for insurance and other commuting expenses. If you move close to work you might be able to get rid of your car altogether or get rid of one of your family cars. Think of everything you could do with all that money!

You waste nearly a week in commuting each year
Have you ever dreamed about taking a full week vacation to somewhere like Hawaii or Cancun? But you say that you have no time for a vacation? Well you do have the time… you just spend on the commute. The average American spends nearly a week in commuting each year!

Commuting is bad for the environment
All those cars stuck in traffic each day during rush hour are bad for the environment. Researchers calculate that commuting to work adds an extra 56 billion pounds of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

You could get in shape
If you move really close to work, you could walk there or bike. This is a lot better for your body than sitting in traffic for hours! Even if you take public transportation to work you will still walk to the transit stop which means calories burned.