How to choose temporary housing when moving?

How to choose temporary housing when moving?

You have already sold your home and need to move out, but you won’t be able to move into your new home yet. The solution is temporary housing for the transition period. There are many options for temporary housing. Here we will go over them and the factors which might make one a better choice for your situation.

Hotels and Motels
If you only need a place to stay for a few days during the moving transition, then hotels and motels are a good choice. There are no contracts to sign, no deposits, you will have room service and cleaning taken care of, and might even have a pool or gym for keeping you busy. The downside is that hotels can be pricey. Since you won’t have a kitchen, then you will have to rely on restaurants and fast food for meals.

Vacation homes
Vacation homes offer the convenience of a hotel or motel, but usually will have more space and amenities like a kitchen so you can do your own cooking. This is a better choice when you need temporary housing for a bit longer, such as a week or two. However, you may not have many options near you, especially if you aren’t moving to a touristy area.

Extended stay hotels
When you need permanent housing for about a month, then an extended stay hotel might be a good option. You have cleaning and room service, so you don’t have to worry about buying an arsenal of cleaning products and supplies with you. The downside is that extended stay hotels can be costly.

Furnished apartments and rentals
For families, this is often the best solution for temporary housing. You will have more choices closer to schools and work, and the rental will come with (almost) everything you need, so you don’t have to worry about furniture. Furnished apartments are pricier than unfurnished rentals, but they are still much more affordable than hotels.